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Next Meeting: June 1st
When: First Wednesday of every month, 7pm. Where: St Patrick Catholic Church Basement Hall


May's Awareness Right to Life

Join us as we acknoledge the sacredness of the unborn and all of God's childrend right to life.

The right to life is unlike any other right. It is the most basic right and the condition of all other personal rights, constituting the foundation of every human community and the political community itself. St. John Paul II famously noted that if human life itself is not respected, then respect for all other rights—for example, the right to health, to marriage, to culture, to religion—is “false and illusory.” Human rights of every kind are “incomprehensible” without the right to life. Our Order, therefore, joins the universal Church in acknowledging the dignity of human life and in its efforts to achieve legal and constitutional protection for every human person at the international, national, state, and local levels.

* information takin from "kofc.org liberty-life-family/culture-of-life" page. logo

Engaged In Bortherhood Charity

Humble in numbers....Plentiful in our Ambitions! With over 650 hours in service last year, KofC council 4677 actively supports the following.

Religous Education

Fully supporting St. Patrick's goal to teaching our youth, Council 4677 commits to supplies or materials needed.

Food for families

Sponsoring food drives bring much needed food relief and supplies to Kuzma Cottage of Wilmington, helping families in need.

Seminarian Support

We see the importance in support of higher learning for those entering clergical study.

Culture of Life

Every life has a purpose, council 4677 acknowledges the sacredness of the unborn thru awareness and monetary support.

Youth in Need

Coats for Kids helps the needs of children in our own communities. Coats are given out in a quiet and respectful way to families under financial stress.

Vocations Support

Supporting those who are called to God's service, we encourage those keeping the faith with financial support.

Work and Service Photos

What we can do? With many of our actions and support behind the sceens, we thought it best to share a few photos.

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